Posted on September 30, 2011

This project collects, records, compares, analyzes, and extrapolates historical architectural dreams for the city of Chicago. Amongst the vast collection of visionary proposals, twenty-two were selected that span across the 20th century and cover multiple scales from building proposals to urban plans. All of the projects were reconstructed through drawings from a limited set of information (sometimes only a single sketch), bringing the ingenuity of research in proximity with design. Some schemes are well known but not well documented, while others had disappeared from the architectural consciousness and are here reintroduced into the discourse through drawings, programmatic analysis, and historical and contemporary references. Therefore, the catalog functions simultaneously as a collection and invention of evidences – a constructive and opportunistic re-inhabitation of these visions. Ultimately, the catalog is a directory of ideas, ideas of how to engage the city.

The project was developed as part of the theory course “Architectural Visions of the City” at the University of Illinois at Chicago and exhibited at the Ramp Gallery, April 28 – Sep 2, 2011.

Architect’s Newspaper, #5, print: June 8, 2011 and online at ArchitectureChicago Plus, and multiple others. The Catalog of Visionary Architectures for Chicago became part of the official reference display at the Museum of Contemporary Art for the exhibition Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity, June 30 – Sep 23, 2012.

Catalog Excerpt:
Rebori, Harbor Airport, proposed for Chicago in 1945 (drawings Travis Kalina, UIC)

1) Harbour Airport (Multiple Documents)_Page_2

1) Harbour Airport (Multiple Documents)_Page_31) Harbour Airport (Multiple Documents)_Page_4