The Visionary Cities Project (VC Project) is a research-based platform devoted to the study of the contemporary city and to speculations on new forms of architectural urbanism. Projects range in scale from the book to the city and take shape as research collaborations, design studios, workshops, and exhibitions. The VC Project is led by Alexander Eisenschmidt. Current and previous team members include Paul Mosley, Matthew Busscher, Daisey Martinez, Pedro Medrano, Ashley Rogow, Janina Sanchez, and Anton Tonchev.

Alexander Eisenschmidt (Dipl.Arch., Ph.D.) is a designer, theorist, and tenured professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is author of The Good Metropolis (Birkhäuser, 2019), guest-editor of City Catalyst (AD, 2012) and lead-editor of Chicagoisms (Scheidegger & Spiess, 2013). Eisenschmidt has curated and his work was exhibited in venues ranging from the Architecture Biennale in Venice to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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