City of Urban Inventions exhibition at the 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism/Thematic Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, September 7 – November 10, 2019.

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Eisenschmidt curated “Felix Candela’s Concrete Shells: An Engineered Architecture for Mexico and Chicago” at Gallery 400, Chicago, January 19 – March 3, 2018. For more information, see project page and Gallery 400.

VC Project featured in UIC News



In Search for an Architectural Urbanism exhibition at The World in Our Eyes as part of the 4th Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Lisbon, Portugal, October 6, 2016 – January 15, 2017.

In Search for an Architectural Urbanism juxtaposes two large-scale panorama drawings of visionary cities in search for new forms of architectural urbanism that are able to navigate the contested but highly productive realms of contemporary urbanization. One drawing, “City of Architectural Fictions,” represents unbuilt but architecturally significant proposals while the other, “City of Urban Facts,” shows built innovations that are largely unknown. In addition, each drawing is supplemented by a catalog that documents the examples that can be found in the drawings — a 400-page catalog on the history of visionary projects on the city and a 250-page catalog on the breath of urban innovation. olhos_exposicao_c_tiagocasanova_19 Continue Reading →


Collective City exhibition at the 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen, China, December 4, 2015 – March 1, 2016.

Collective City, explores spatial, organizational, and material ingenuities born out of the forces and pressures of the contemporary city, answered by the architectural amateur, and used by everyone. As such, the exhibition foregrounds an essential terrain instructive for architecture. The examples highlighted here are important to the way the world is built, influential in its capacities to mobilize, and mesmerizing in its strangeness, yet outside the architectural radar. The exhibition documents, organizes, and projects a catalog of existing inventions and tactics found across the globe (often outrageous, sometimes humorous, but always embedded in the here and now) with the ambition to establish a dictionary of ideas that can act simultaneously as a reality-check and sourcebook. We are interested in how the dynamics of global urbanization effectively influence architecture; or to put it more bluntly, how the intelligences of the existing city can be engaged by architecture. From a street-runway intersection in Gibraltar, via the Osaka baseball stadium-turned-model village, to stilt houses in international waters at Biscayne Bay, these examples form a new city that in the exhibition creates a massive urban panorama, describing different forms of architectural urbanism.

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iPhone App

The Visionary Cities Project developed an iPhone app in collaboration with Cheng+Snyder ( This app visualizes the visionary proposals for the city of Chicago and accompanies the Visionary Chicago Panorama as part of City Works, an exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center, May 24 – September 29, 2013.  Continue Reading →


Visionary City: Chicago’s Urban and Architectural Dreams exhibition at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, June 21, 2012 – May, 2013. Continue Reading →

Architect’s Newspaper and Chicago Plus reviews exhibition of Visionary Chicago and calling it “stimulating and provocative;” mounted at UIC’s Ramp Gallery, May – September, 2011.